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[icon_feature icon=”others-browser” icon_style=”none” icon_color=”#00a5ce” heading=”Strategy”]SINCE 2015 OEMS THAT USE 3PLS HAVE REPORTED OVER 9% AVERAGE COST REDUCTION[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon=”others-ribbon” icon_style=”none” icon_color=”#ce3f00″ heading=”Analytics”]STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE SYSTEM ALLOWS EXTREME TO RESPOND RAPIDLY TO ANY EVENTS[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon=”others-line-lightbulb” icon_style=”none” icon_color=”#0061ce” heading=”Reduce Risk”]REDUCED RISK TO UNION ISSUES, EEOC, ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS. PERFORMANCE ISSUES[/icon_feature]

ISO Standard : ISO9001 AS9120

Extreme Components conforms to international standards set for companies looking for ways to
meet or exceed quality control metrics.

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We go through Extreme measures to satisfy our customers’ needs.


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