Excess Inventory Solutions

We don’t just offer you solutions, or ‘pretty good’ ones. We’re Extreme.
In helping you manage your inventory levels, we increase your bottom line. We can free up the cash you have tied up in excess inventory. We’re flexible and configure services to meet your needs. We work extensively with you, offering solutions to provide you with the highest return on your assets.

Find out about the many solutions we have for you to deplete your inventory,


The Extreme Consignment Program offers you the absolute highest return on your assets.

We’ll arrange shipment of the product into our facility and provide an accurate accounting of your product upon receipt. Once inventoried, the product is made available to our immediate clients, as well as buyers worldwide.

Receive high visibility for your product to capture the best market value and best return on your assets. In addition, by holding it in our facility, your product can be shipped to our customers in the same-day tradition.

Know exactly how well we’re doing for you: get monthly sales reports with payments of products sold. You’ll get a real-time inventory report of what’s remaining, keeping you up-to-date on your inventory status.

Also, get buy-out totals at any time, should you decide to cash out.

If, for any reason, should you need a part returned then we’ll overnight that item to you immediately.


Extreme Components is able to purchase outright all of your company’s excess electronic components, no matter how large or small.

We’ll provide you with a bid to purchase your entire excess inventory. This eliminates your inventory carrying costs, providing you with a quick solution to move your excess material off your books.

And this, of course, frees up your company’s cash flow.


Extreme Components can bid to purchase your excess inventory by individual line items. Though return may be higher for your company, this comes with several disadvantages:

  • Longer to sell.
  • More time sorting through product to ship individual line items.
  • Multiple calls to you for individual line items.
  • Extreme would require prompt shipping.


Extreme Components can offer you a line of credit with our company to purchase products from us in exchange for your excess inventory. We can be a valuable supplier for you, offering you cost-reduction programs.

 You want the best in service, support and flexibility. Go to Extreme.