Extreme Components has two decades worth of experience in the industry.
We offer a wide array of products for the aerospace, defense,and electronic components industries.

We’ve moved beyond what we saw as a lot of mediocrity. When we decided to start our company we named it after what lengths we are willing to work for our customers. As an ISO 9001 and AS9120 Certified company our main objective is to provide quality products while maintaining a cost effective program

Aerospace & Defense

  • Aircraft Parts and Components
  • Cross Reference Capability
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Full Traceability

Display Panel Solutions

  • ATM Banking Displays
  • Digital Signage
  • Industrial Grade Displays
  • Kiosks & Digital Signage
  • Military Grade Displays
  • Mobile Displays

Integrated Circuits

  • New and Obsolete Electronic Components
  • Military Grade Components
  • Over 10 million circuits in stock
  • Full Traceablity
  • Excess Inventory Solutions
  • Consignment and Storage Solutions
  • Franchised Inventory
  • Ready to ship same day

Work Area

Consignment Storage and Sales
Cash-flow and Cost Management Consulting
Excess Inventory Solutions
Procurement and Resale Products
Nationwide & International Shipping and Logistics

Past Performance

  • Department of Defense
  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • US Coast Guard


335991:    Carbon specialties for aerospace use
331318:    Aircraft Wire and cable
332510:    Aircraft hardware, metal, manufacturing
332912:    Fluid power aircraft sub-assemblies
333611:    Gas turbines
333612:    Reduction gears and gear units
333924:    Aircraft engine cradles manufacturing
334511:    Aircraft flight instruments manufacturing
334519:    Aircraft engine instruments manufacturing
336320:    Aircraft lighting fixtures manufacturing
336412:    Aircraft engine rebuilding
336413:    Aircraft assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts
423860:    Aircraft engines and parts wholesalers
488190:    Aircraft maintenance and repair services

PSC Codes

1560:  Air-frame Structural Components
1610:  Aircraft Propellers & Components
1615:  Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms
1620:  Aircraft Landing Gear Components
1630:  Aircraft  Wheel & Brake Systems
1640:  Aircraft Control Cable Products
1650:  Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, & De-Icing
1660:  Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating, & Pressurizing
1680:  Misc Aircraft Accessories and Components
1710:  Aircraft Landing Equipment
1720:  Aircraft Launching Equipment
1730:  Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment
1740:  Airfield Specialized Trucks and Trailers
1810:  Space Vehicle
1820:  Space Vehicle Components
1830:  Space Vehicle Remote Control Systems
1840:  Space Vehicle Launchers
1850:  Space Vehicle Handling & Servicing Equipments

Setting the Bar

We’re an ISO Certified, broad-line stocking distributor of electronic components and related products.

With us you get prompt service, quality products and on-time deliveries. And you get flexible support – no matter where in the world you are.